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The Myth of the First Thanksgiving – Resources

Resources (*indicates I highly recommend it) General *Atlas of the North American Indian – Waldman Great Speeches by Native Americans – Blaisdell *The Red King’s Rebellion – Bourne Daily Life of Native Americans – Nash and Strobel We’re Still Here – Waugaman *Voices of the Rainbow – Rosen *The Winona...

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The First Thanksgiving – A Day of Mourning

  “Reconciliation without meaningful restitution merely reinscribes the status quo without holding anyone accountable for ongoing injustices. At its core, reconciliation has a religious connotation premised on restoring one’s relationship with God. In fact, most Indigenous nations don’t have words for reconciliation in their languages, which is the truest test...

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Myth of America – The Clash of Spiritualities

Joy Harjo from A Map to the Next World In the legend are instructions on the language of the land, how it was we forgot to acknowledge the gift, as if we were not in it or of it. Take note of the proliferation of supermarkets and malls, the altars...

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Colonialism – A History Lesson with Skittles

I finally put a PDF together.  It’s 40 pages and includes all the posts in the series, including 4 lessons for teaching this to kids, as well as additional pictures, excerpts from poems and speeches, and the maps created for today’s post.  Check it out here – The First Thanksgiving and...

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The First Thanksgiving – Fears, Power, and Privilege

  “In New England no William Penn emerged to suggest that the English immigrants might live peaceably with the natives, on the divine theory that they, too, were children of the universal spirit…..There was simply not the confidence and wisdom and political skill to make one culture of two that...

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The First Thanksgiving – for a Massacre

  The Pilgrims had many days of Thanksgiving, which were somber prayer-filled days, as well as festivals to celebrate the harvest.  But one of their first Thanksgiving Proclamations was over the Pequot Massacre. “In 1637, the Pequot War culminated in the burning of Fort Mystic by the English and their...