Caris Adel

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A Little Peroxide for the White, Wounded Quest

‘But make no mistake. Privilege is real, and so is oppression. We live in the same country, in different worlds. The town of Ferguson is speaking up; this is the time to listen, and pray for justice.’ This is the time to listen, he says.  Well then.  Listen up. Racial...

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Love Sounds Like Metal

It’s a sound.  A metal sound.  When you’re 10, love sounds like metal. You’re lying in bed, upstairs in the old farmhouse.  The room is covered in wallpaper probably from the 60s, and you are buried under layers and layers of blankets. Grandma is always worried about the cold, so...

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Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem

  I was really depressed Saturday night.  I talked to myself like you shouldn’t talk to people. This is a battle, a war. And the casualties could be your hearts and souls. And then I had a glass of wine, and I got pissed.  I got a baseball bat and...

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Knowing the Underside of History

We are shaped by the stories we tell, by the unspoken plotlines that seep into us. Individually and collectively, the histories we know and the ones we don’t turn us into a specific kind of people. What do we choose to know? Why do we choose to remember? I’ve always loved...

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The Privilege of School Choice

  I don’t talk much about the fact that we educate our kids at home for lots of reasons, but one of them is I’m very aware that it’s a privilege.  Choosing to use that privilege, especially now that we’re in a new community where the choice takes on greater...

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The Art of Being A Passive Neighbor

I live where I do in large part because of people like downwardly mobile D.L., and Grace, Christena, and Suzannah, and because of their slow and steady dripping words about race and privilege.  I live in a poorer sort of neighborhood on the blacker side of town.  And before we moved, I had read books...