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Blessed are the Form-Fillers?

Jonathan is a new friend; and he has quite an interesting life, and writes fantastic poetry.  I’m happy to have part of his story here today.     The phone rang, an unknown number.  The caller did not introduce himself, yet my wife recognized the voice of someone from a...

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The Beauty In the Betrayal

“in beauty there echoes a spark of our source” – Sleeping At Last, “Bad Blood” Samuel prepared a table for David, afraid. A table of anointing in the presence of jealousy and danger becomes well-worn poetry. “Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.” The bread...

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Did I Think About Staying?

give me the heart of an archeologist, that I may dig until I prove that I exist. a subterranean cathedral in my midst, where echoes come to rest. where echoes come to rest. is this where echoes come to rest? -Sleeping At Last   A year ago I said leaving...

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If I Don’t See You As My Equal

(This is the third installment of a roving monthly synchroblog called “The Spirit of the Poor” that explore the intersections of economic justice, lifestyle change and spiritual wholeness.  Check out all the posts from last month here. This month we’re talking about Affirming the Humanity.  We’d love for you to join the conversation....

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The Lectionary and a Legacy; A Letter To Myself

  “Maybe it’s true that we are all descended from the restless, the nervous, the criminals, the arguers and brawlers, but also the brave and independent and generous.” – Steinbeck The Seventh Sunday after the Epiphany   What gaping wounds have you inherited?  What stories have been scabbed over?  What...

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I’m White and It’s Uncomfortable

  I’m surrounded by a world I will never really know.  I will never fear for myself, for my children the way they do. Reading all the books in the world won’t change the color of our skin.  Fear can’t be theorized away. I look at them and wonder what...

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A Tender Thaw

  I’m guest posting for my friend Kelly today on coming alive and how painful it can be.  Here’s a little snippet (and also why I bawled through Frozen).   Be honest.  Be vulnerable.  It’s home group, small group, community group, so it’s safe here.  This is how you build...