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Day 20 – Christians Who Are Afraid

  I’m reading Harry Potter for the first time, finally, and of course, it’s amazing.  And that fact has left me wondering just what exactly the point of being a Christian is. Because it seems to me that everything I was taught growing up in church was just a big...

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Day 19 – Self-Care Sunday

Subscribe to a few cool newsletters and find inspiration in your inbox all week long! (You can even set up filters so they go directly into a separate folder, so it doesn’t overwhelm your inbox.) Some newsletters I subscribe to: Brain Pickings Weekly In the fourth of the book’s thirteen...

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Day 18 – Songs for Saturday

Freed To Be – Matt Moberg I think it’s time I cut these strings I think my soul is ready to fly All of these doubts can’t hold these dreams The fear in me has chosen to die I am freed to be Be who I’m created to be Shame...

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Day 17 – Because They Are Hard

  A little Photoshop fun with a couple pictures I took. Also, a reminder that I’m taking orders for November’s issue of Walking Brave! Click to find all posts in the series.   Check out Walking Brave, a zine for when shame gets in the way – Issue #2 comes...

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Day 16 – World Food Day

    The needs of the world are too great, the suffering and pain too extensive, the lures of the world too seductive for us to begin to change the world, unless we are changed, unless conversion of life and morals becomes our pattern.” – William Willimon   “{Cooking} connects...

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Day 15 – Links for Mindfulness

Two great websites: Mindful Elephant Journal A couple of articles: 7 Things Mindful People Do Differently and How To Get Started The intention of being more present in our lives is continuing to grow and touch an increasing amount of people. I have friends who I never would have imagined...

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Day 14 – Beginning Mindfulness

  It is supposed to be good for you, this sitting and staring at something for 5 minutes.  Looking, studying, touching an object.  Focusing only on the object.  Training your mind to be present. And so I use the remote control, that neutral, boring object.  You’re not supposed to let...