“I saw that my humanity was all I had left to work with…it was all I had ever had to work with.”  -Barbara Brown Taylor


I am passionate about recognizing the image of God in everyone, and seeing the truth of God everywhere.  I’m continually looking for ways to disrupt my status quo.  After spending 32 years near the shores of Lake Michigan, I moved to the Tidewater region of Virginia, and as we plant ourselves in our new community, I’m learning to embrace the discomfort that comes from exploring the tensions of life.

Raised in a primarily white environment, I now live as a minority in my neighborhood.   I hold to pacifist leanings even as I live in a military community.  And after a lifetime spent in conservative evangelical churches, I am quickly falling in love with the Episcopal Church.

I’m an INFJ, a 4w5 on the Enneagram scale, and am married to a wonderfully left-brained, logical husband who tries to keep me grounded.  We have 5 kids that we educate at home.  I love coffee, good music, books, the beach, other cultures, Earl Grey tea, silence, Bollywood movies, good food, sweet wine, chocolate, memoirs, paint, paper, making jewelry, reading a good quote, Madeline L’Engle, Rob Bell, wonder and mystery, theology, deep thoughts and quirky movies, traveling and road trips, story and liturgy, campfires and Christmas, Twitter and Instagram.

Ever since I read a biography of Mark Twain as a child, I’ve always wanted a pen name.  It is fortunate that I hate my real name, and that it actually became worse when I got married. So, finally, I got to pick a name I love.

My name is one of my most beloved values; Caris is a female Celtic name meaning Love, and Adel is a masculine Arabic name, meaning Justice.