A Quick Guide to Getting Involved on the Local Level

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My husband works in city government. Last week he was at a neighborhood meeting and a resident was complaining about cars that speed and run the stop signs in her area. She was upset that the police were never around, and said that maybe they should hire one officer just to do ticketing in the area. “And if he gave …

Flinging Sparks at the Darkness

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The way we move in the world is so often largely invisible to ourselves. We are unaware that what we take for granted could be so foreign to someone else. “How have you never heard of this show?”, “How have you never eaten this food?”, “What do you mean; mayonnaise is a white people thing?”. It can be fun, and …

The Flies Will Conquer the Flypaper

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                 It is summer, and I am 11. I’m at the beach with my friends, playing in the calm waves of Lake Michigan. This water that I’ve grown up with I know like the back of my hand. I’ve seen the beaches change from year to year. I run in the dunes as …

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The Formation of Whiteness

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  Looking back, it was the little things that shaped me. The memories that stare me in the face, asking ‘Why do you still think of me? What can I possibly mean to you?’ It was one decision. One moment in a million moments of parenting, and yet it’s one I remember, albeit somewhat vaguely. But the impression it left …

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Solidarity and Poverty

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  This is a question I’ve been sitting with for awhile now. And I read this article earlier today that made me think some things.   I was born in 1981, so I’m just barely a millennial, and my daughter was born in 2001, so she’s just barely not a millennial. I find it fascinating that she was taking hundreds …