35 and Free

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Madeleine L’Engle said “I am still every age that I have been.” I like that idea, and there is a lot of truth I it. But as I look at turning 35, I’ve been thinking about how our cells replenish themselves every 7 years, so that every 7 years we are a new person. I have been reborn 5 times. …

Seeking Wholeness

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What does wholeness look like for me? I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, thanks to the #WholeMama project, but really, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months. I go through cycles of deep engagement and then withdrawal. I come up with great ideas and then don’t follow through. I’m passionate about social justice, but …

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One Woman’s Yes

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  So a couple of weeks ago I did a long rambly interview with Heather Caliri (and I cried) about Walking Brave- and somehow she turned all of that into a great discussion!  It went up yesterday on her blog.  Here’s a snippet.  Head on over to read the rest!   I’m seeing that one of my biggest hurdles is …

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Day 30 – Courage

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“Courage,” by Anne Sexton It is in the small things we see it. The child’s first step, as awesome as an earthquake. The first time you rode a bike, wallowing up the sidewalk. The first spanking when your heart went on a journey all alone. When they called you crybaby or poor or fatty or crazy and made you into …

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Day 28 – Tribes and Sides

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Is the road to hell paved with a vivid imagination?  I’m sitting here watching my kids dressed up in Halloween costumes, at our secular homeschool co-op, blending in with the other costumed kids.  My oldest is reading Harry Potter next to me and I’m wondering if this was the slippery road to hell everyone said it was, or if I was …