When You Are A Christian Voting for Trump

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If you are a (obviously white) Christian voting for Trump, still, I think it’s only fair that you know how the rest of us view you. You know, just in case somewhere down the road you say “I never knew!’ Well, now you do.

When I see you post your support of him, I know you are an unsafe person. Women see you and know they will never confide their stories of abuse in you. I know you are not a sympathetic, empathetic person. When I see you support that Cheetohead, I know that you are only concerned with your worldview, with your uninformed opinions, and protecting your way of life.

I know that you are a dangerous person to anyone who is not white.

I am so angry at you. I cannot pretend that this is merely democracy in action, because our democracy is predicated on basic humanity and the constitution.

I could tolerate this from random citizens. And even here, I will moderate a bit. If you are over 60, I put you in the category of random citizens. 60 and over voters for Trump is the death rattle of the Moral Majority. They have always been unsafe to women and people of color. They have lived in a world that prioritized them and that world is dying.

But you, you 40-year old Christian. No. That’s a bridge too far. When I see you support Trump, I know that Bible you so gladly cling to, those Hillsong songs you so cheerfully sing to, I know they actually don’t mean anything.

Your faith has lost its effectiveness. You are not trustworthy as a Christian. Everything you say is tainted with a layer of bullshit.

You have no integrity to stand on. Your false equivalency of the candidates is a cove for your willful ignorance and blind obedience.

There is no scenario in the world where it is appropriate for a Christian to vote for Trump.

And the fact that we are less than a month out and you still haven’t realized that?

Tells me all I need to know about you.

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