Day 1 – Go Out Into the Wild

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Run through your days so the pain doesn’t have a chance to settle.

Speed your feet along the wi-fied paths; give into the fascination of distraction.

Close the windows to the rain, the wind, the sounds of life.  Put away the porch furniture and build the fences around your home, your heart.

Close your eyes to the wild, guard your heart against reality, numb yourself to the pain.

And when the last flap is tucked in, when the box you are in is firmly sealed and ready to be shelved – when the monotony and disillusionment have settled in,

when the brown walls threaten to suffocate,

then kick.

Kick at the darkness.

Beat it back with a stick – with a walking stick, a camera lens, a steering wheel.

Go out into the wild, venture onto the map known as ‘no coverage’ and breathe deep.

Take in the air.   From the mountains, the oceans, even the swamps.

Climb the hills, taste the salt, see the wildfire scars.

When despair for the world grows in you, grab onto it and shake the goodness from its core.

Shake and sift and seek the richness in the dust heaps.

Find the light and dazzle us with it.



Walking Brave – a zine for when shame gets in the way – Issue 1  ships Oct 10th!


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