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So a couple of weeks ago I did a long rambly interview with Heather Caliri (and I cried) about Walking Brave- and somehow she turned all of that into a great discussion!  It went up yesterday on her blog.  Here’s a snippet.  Head on over to read the rest!


I’m seeing that one of my biggest hurdles is admitting I’m not okay. Has that been hard for you to admit too?

It was hard at first, but the more I say it, the easier it gets. A couple people at church that are in therapy have helped me not be ashamed to say it.

The harder part is feeling like I’m broken. My brain is wired differently because of my past, and there’s something seriously wrong with me. That’s hard to say.


In church, we don’t know how to be safe with people. I don’t do church in the same way I used to. I don’t expect it to be a second family. I don’t expect Christians to be able to handle me, because it’s really painful when they don’t.


I’m hoping for others that they’ll be able to see—at least in theory—how easy it is to choose courage. It is one little decision at a time. I hope it gives people tools to do it in their daily life.

It’s choosing to take care of yourself, to think about your questions, and to process your world.

In the big picture, being brave feels scary. But the baby steps are doable.



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  • http://www.heathercaliri.com/ Heather Caliri

    It was SO RAD to chat, Caris :) Thank you for taking the time to have the conversation!