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Resources: Gays, AIDS, and the Church, Part 9

In Church by Caris Adel2 Comments

Here’s a list of various blogs, websites, organizations, books, and movies related to the church, being gay, and HIV/AIDS. Blogs Queer Theology Anarchist Reverend Justin Lee Steve Gershom Anxious Gay Christian Middle Ground Dr. Trista Carr Eliel Cruz Julie Rodgers Eve Tushnet A Queer Calling Registered Runaway Jonas Weaver Freed Hearts Tangentials Spiritual Friendship Sacred Tension Thanks to Kenny, Jonas, …

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The ‘Gay Agenda’: Gays, AIDS, and the Church, Part 7

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  I’ve been hearing about the ‘gay agenda’ (and the boycotts) for as long as I can remember.  I’ve of course, never heard a word about the Christian agenda, even though it exists.  I think it’s worth examining this list, that is very typical of the Evangelical Christian Complex’s (ECC) feelings towards non-straight people. Look at #4. “We oppose the …

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Oh, the Humanity: Gays, AIDS, and the Church, Part 4

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  “What does a decent society do with people who hurt themselves because they’re human?  With people who eat too much, smoke too much, drive carelessly, don’t have safe sex – we don’t put them out to pasture to die because they’ve done a human thing.” – How to Survive a Plague   I grew up inhaling dehumanization and I …

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The Religious Right: Gays, AIDS, and the Church, Part 3

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  So where were the Christians?  In the midst of all of this death and isolation, when people were the most vulnerable, when there was so much stigma and fear and people were begging for an ounce of compassion and love – where were the people who were supposed to be known for that? “Since our nation was founded, we …