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One Word 2014

In Miscellaneous by Caris Adel15 Comments

Darkness. I’m not sure exactly why.  It actually came about in a slightly prophetic way, which freaks me out, because I am just so burnt out on that kind of stuff.  Someone had a word, and it resonated. And then I got an anonymous postcard in the mail that completely fits me. So…darkness it is.  The darkness of life, the …

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A Wounded, Secret Jesus Feminist

In Church, Women by Caris Adel23 Comments

“The cracks were ricocheting and multiplying across my heart now, and when I turned to the Church for answers, I did not feel my questions were welcome.” – Jesus Feminist How do you not stay bitter?  How do you let go of the anger, the hurts, the soul-deep wounds Christians have inflicted? Lean into the pain, she says. And so …

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9 Years of Tears

In Miscellaneous by Caris Adel8 Comments

  The only time I remember being taught about emotions in youth group was when they were related to hormones.  I never remember being taught how to handle the ‘darker’ emotions.  Years of being in church didn’t teach me how to interpret them.  There were no Bible studies about coping mechanisms when living in dysfunction. But as it turned out, …

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Complaining as an Act of Faith

In Spirituality by Caris Adel8 Comments

  When my brother and I were old enough to be left home alone, we always had to clean the house.  As we got older, we fell into our roles as obedient and ‘rebellious’ oldest and middle children. Which meant by high school I was cleaning the house everyday, even forsaking homework to get it done.  If the house wasn’t …

Life After Art – Review and Giveaway!

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    “Did you know Matt Foster of Foster the People used to write commercial jingles?  I thought those made you a lot of money….”[why would he stop that to start a band???] I heard that statement on the radio the other day, along with the inflection, and the unspoken question at the end in the DJ’s voice, that he …