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I’m A Feminist, But My Husband Isn’t (And Might Never Be)

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    We have had many, many (heated) conversations in our house about feminism over the past couple of years.  I’m happy to be letting my husband share his side here today, and I like that he has honed in on what is his essential disagreement with being called a feminist.  I think he makes some really great points here, …

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True Womanhood – Tension, Cracks, and a Concrete Faith

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  “Gender displays God…..Who we are and how we relate as women and men is an object lesson.” “Being created for someone indicates that God created the female to be a highly relational creature.  Her identity isn’t based on work nearly as much as on how well she connects in her relationships….We need to keep in mind, what is it …

Freedom – It’s Not A Gift

In Miscellaneous by Caris Adel10 Comments

What does it mean to live in a country, a world with people unlike us?  When we celebrate our freedom today, are we doing the word justice?  Are we doing people justice?  And when we cloak our freedom in the garb of Christianese, are we doing damage? Let’s Connect!

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True Womanhood – Cookies and Chains

In Women by Caris Adel5 Comments

  Growing up, my grandma always kept the cookie jar stocked.  Oftentimes, it was with molasses cookies.  Which are disgusting.  But, apparently, that’s not a common reaction.  “What?  How can you not like her molasses cookies?  They’re the best!” I’ve noticed a similar attitude coming from this study and the idea of true womanhood.  We’re not forcing anyone into taking …

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True Womanhood – Oppressing Women since Creation

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  3 years ago, I saw Andy Crouch, Skye Jethani, and Bethany Hoang, among others, talk in Chicago.  It was part of the Lausanne Movement, an important part of evangelicalism, and justice was on the docket.  I listened to a very pregnant Hoang talk about justice and the church and her work with IJM. Lately, I’ve been listening to different …

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True Womanhood – Compassionless Christianity

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  {I apologize for the length of this, the length of the quotes. But I want people to know what’s in this study, and how pervasive the uncompassionate attitude is. I think if people are going to attend this study, or churches are going to promote it, they should know what they are promoting, because the content in this week’s …

True Womanhood – June Cleaver as Jesus

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“The fundamental premise of feminism is that women need and can trust no other authority than our own personal truth.” Creating a culture of idolatry was probably not anyone’s goal, but I think in the desire to make their point, the True Woman movement has done so.  They tell us the idol of June Cleaver will protect us from the …