The Flies Will Conquer the Flypaper

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                 It is summer, and I am 11. I’m at the beach with my friends, playing in the calm waves of Lake Michigan. This water that I’ve grown up with I know like the back of my hand. I’ve seen the beaches change from year to year. I run in the dunes as …

An Integrated Life – Restrictive Covenants and Governments

In History by Caris Adel15 Comments

Where have you seen examples of exclusionary behavior? Have you ever been excluded? Have you ever done the excluding? Who decides what is undesirable? Couldn’t racial exclusion be undesirable? What does it do to our collective humanity when we turn each other into dangers to be avoided? Were you protected from anything or anyone while you were growing up?   In …

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An Integrated Life – What Makes You Stay Silent?

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How can events hundreds or thousands of miles away affect us? Are there any you can think of? I live 2 blocks away from Planters Peanuts headquarters, and I have never thought about the nut-eating habits of the nation before. But what if everyone quit eating peanuts? What would happen to our city? Are there any national stories that might …