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The Formation of Whiteness

In Society/Culture by Caris Adel2 Comments

  Looking back, it was the little things that shaped me. The memories that stare me in the face, asking ‘Why do you still think of me? What can I possibly mean to you?’ It was one decision. One moment in a million moments of parenting, and yet it’s one I remember, albeit somewhat vaguely. But the impression it left …

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Trouble I’ve Seen – Interview with Drew Hart

In Church by Caris AdelLeave a Comment

I’m so excited to share this discussion I had with Drew. His book, Trouble I’ve Seen is your must-read for the year. And, the Englewood Review of Books just selected it as their March Book of the Month, so be sure to follow along with that discussion this month. ***** You mention a few examples of talking to people who …

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Where White People Should Start

In Church by Caris Adel19 Comments

184 shares.  4 thousand likes.  And dear Jesus, the comments. I read this last night at midnight and got fired up.  This is not where white people should start.  White people do not start by having black people explain their lives.  White people do not make black people be their teachers.  White people should not be depending on black people …

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Knowing the Underside of History

In History by Caris Adel1 Comment

  We are shaped by the stories we tell, by the unspoken plotlines that seep into us. Individually and collectively, the histories we know and the ones we don’t turn us into a specific kind of people. What do we choose to know? Why do we choose to remember? I’ve always loved history, especially American history.  As a northern transplant, I’m …