The Flies Will Conquer the Flypaper

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                 It is summer, and I am 11. I’m at the beach with my friends, playing in the calm waves of Lake Michigan. This water that I’ve grown up with I know like the back of my hand. I’ve seen the beaches change from year to year. I run in the dunes as …

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Where White People Should Start

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184 shares.  4 thousand likes.  And dear Jesus, the comments. I read this last night at midnight and got fired up.  This is not where white people should start.  White people do not start by having black people explain their lives.  White people do not make black people be their teachers.  White people should not be depending on black people …

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Day 6 – #Ferguson

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This is an excerpt from Issue 1 of Walking Brave.   #Ferguson has made it hard, if not impossible, for people to say ‘I didn’t know’.  Maybe before, white people hadn’t really paid attention to ‘systemic racism’. Maybe you know people who actually describe it as – raise those fingers – “systemic racism” – because they don’t believe it exists. Maybe …

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Justice System, My Ass. #Marissa418

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  “Prosecutors admit that they routinely charge people with crimes for which they technically have probably cause but which they seriously doubt they could ever win in court.  They ‘load up’ defendants with charges that carry extremely harsh sentences in order to force them to plead guilty to lesser offenses and – here’s the kicker – to obtain testimony for …

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Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem

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  I was really depressed Saturday night.  I talked to myself like you shouldn’t talk to people. This is a battle, a war. And the casualties could be your hearts and souls. And then I had a glass of wine, and I got pissed.  I got a baseball bat and I broke some wine glasses that had some symbolism to …

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Knowing the Underside of History

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  We are shaped by the stories we tell, by the unspoken plotlines that seep into us. Individually and collectively, the histories we know and the ones we don’t turn us into a specific kind of people. What do we choose to know? Why do we choose to remember? I’ve always loved history, especially American history.  As a northern transplant, I’m …

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Resources: Gays, AIDS, and the Church, Part 9

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Here’s a list of various blogs, websites, organizations, books, and movies related to the church, being gay, and HIV/AIDS. Blogs Queer Theology Anarchist Reverend Justin Lee Steve Gershom Anxious Gay Christian Middle Ground Dr. Trista Carr Eliel Cruz Julie Rodgers Eve Tushnet A Queer Calling Registered Runaway Jonas Weaver Freed Hearts Tangentials Spiritual Friendship Sacred Tension Thanks to Kenny, Jonas, …