Seeking Wholeness

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What does wholeness look like for me? I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, thanks to the #WholeMama project, but really, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months. I go through cycles of deep engagement and then withdrawal. I come up with great ideas and then don’t follow through. I’m passionate about social justice, but …

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A Wounded, Secret Jesus Feminist

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“The cracks were ricocheting and multiplying across my heart now, and when I turned to the Church for answers, I did not feel my questions were welcome.” – Jesus Feminist How do you not stay bitter?  How do you let go of the anger, the hurts, the soul-deep wounds Christians have inflicted? Lean into the pain, she says. And so …

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True Womanhood – Cookies and Chains

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  Growing up, my grandma always kept the cookie jar stocked.  Oftentimes, it was with molasses cookies.  Which are disgusting.  But, apparently, that’s not a common reaction.  “What?  How can you not like her molasses cookies?  They’re the best!” I’ve noticed a similar attitude coming from this study and the idea of true womanhood.  We’re not forcing anyone into taking …

How Does Vocation Impact Our Places of Work?

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  What makes a business ‘Christian’?  Is it merely slapping a Jesus label on it?  ‘A place where Christ is modeled, not preached’?  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing all the time, anyway? Or is it a business that tries to align itself with kingdom values, even if the name Jesus isn’t front and center?  But what separates …

Is It Who You Are, Or Just What You Do?

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  We can’t have healthy, Jesus-based discussions on identity and vocation, roles and purposes, until we admit what it is that Jesus has really called us to do. There is a myth we cling to that blinds us to who we are: “People get their worth and identity from their job.” And the church, which should be the place where …

What Does Christian Vocation Look Like?

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  “Therefore, restoring identity and recovering vocation must be the focus of a biblical understanding of human transformation.” (WWP) If our vocation is to be working for the kingdom by loving God and loving others, what exactly does that look like?  What does it mean to love something, someone? What does it mean to love God?  Is it simply reading …