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True Womanhood – Cookies and Chains

In Women by Caris Adel5 Comments

  Growing up, my grandma always kept the cookie jar stocked.  Oftentimes, it was with molasses cookies.  Which are disgusting.  But, apparently, that’s not a common reaction.  “What?  How can you not like her molasses cookies?  They’re the best!” I’ve noticed a similar attitude coming from this study and the idea of true womanhood.  We’re not forcing anyone into taking …

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True Womanhood – Get Abused, Win A Crown!

In Women by Caris Adel30 Comments

  TRIGGER WARNING!!!  ABUSE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and everything ANTI-GOD!!! Seriously.  FOR THE LOVE!!!!!!!  Oh, also, this post is pretty long.  Fair warning.  I couldn’t not put any of these quotes in.  Because holy hell.  You need to read this.   “The gospel informed woman, the younger women are to love their husbands.  They are to value marriage, they are to …

True Womanhood – Why Airplanes Aren’t In the Bible

In Women by Caris Adel35 Comments

  It’s one thing to talk in generalities about millenials leaving the church, to read books and ponder the reasons why.  But it’s another thing to have one person talk about specific reasons why they’re teetering on the edge.  I think so, anyway.  But I’m just that one person.  Maybe this won’t actually mean much. But there’s this Bible study …

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Complaining as an Act of Faith

In Spirituality by Caris Adel8 Comments

  When my brother and I were old enough to be left home alone, we always had to clean the house.  As we got older, we fell into our roles as obedient and ‘rebellious’ oldest and middle children. Which meant by high school I was cleaning the house everyday, even forsaking homework to get it done.  If the house wasn’t …

Being an Image of God

In Spirituality by Caris Adel3 Comments

  My goal for this series is to explore the ideas of identity and vocation and how they can apply to our lives.  All of this discussion and the opinions coming out of it are held very loosely, but because these are such important topics, it’s worth wrestling with them a bit. For example, when I said on Monday that …

The Withness of God

In Spirituality by Caris Adel3 Comments

O Come O Come Emmanuel piano/cello (Beautiful.  Play it.) Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel Why are the strains of this hymn always slow and haunting? It sounds beautiful, even meaningful, in a Christmas carol, but is it really?   Let’s Connect!