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White People, White Power, White Platform

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The great thing about social media is that, if you want, you can get to know lots of different people.  The not so always great thing is that it’s a very public venue. Which means that sometimes we get to put what we write about into public practice.  Naming.  Dismantling.  Getting at the core of an issue. The core of …

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Incarnating the Uncomfortable Family Gatherings

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    If incarnation really matters, then it matters in our daily lives, right?  And if it matters on a daily basis, then shouldn’t it be part of the shitty times as well? Pretty much everything I believe hinges on incarnation, so I kind of need Jesus to be found in the shit. Lucky me, he was born in the …

Reflections on Les Miserables, Christians, and Movies

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  It’s a movie about a society that turns it’s backs on people. A society that goes along with unjust laws. A society that doesn’t recognize names. Only numbers and their papers. It’s a society that makes it’s own movies because they’ve turned their back on people. A society that demeans and ridicules an entire industry. A society that doesn’t …

And I Thought I Knew the Bible

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She sat on the very edge of the seat, making sure there was no air between her body and the chair.  No hovering, no cheating.  Two feet firmly planted on the faded linoleum in the church basement, ready to propel her up in a split second. The adult spoke.  “For God hath-”  Up she jumped. “For God hath not given …

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

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“Fear not then,” said the Angel, “Let nothing you affright, This day is born a Saviour Of a pure Virgin bright, To free all those who trust in Him From Satan’s power and might.” O tidings of comfort and joy, Comfort and joy O tidings of comfort and joy And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I …