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A Three-Faced Liar

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This is the human part of the story. There is nothing divine in being betrayed by a friend, denied by your pupil, or deserted by your companions. Jesus now knows the exposed, intimate hurt betrayal brings. All of a sudden everyone knows his friendship with Judas isn’t what they thought. There is a force as strong as love at work. …

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Incarnating the Uncomfortable Family Gatherings

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    If incarnation really matters, then it matters in our daily lives, right?  And if it matters on a daily basis, then shouldn’t it be part of the shitty times as well? Pretty much everything I believe hinges on incarnation, so I kind of need Jesus to be found in the shit. Lucky me, he was born in the …

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Choosing Ritual and Religion to Find Relationship

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  Why an Episcopal Church, some people have asked me, and the simple answer is ‘because of Madeleine L’Engle’.  But the actual answer involves Lauren Winner, Phyllis Tickle, Sara Miles, and Barbara Brown Taylor, a messy year, random Twitter conversations, and a blog post by a Pentecostal preacher.  How can I describe what reading books and seeing a common trend of ritual is …

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True Womanhood – Get Abused, Win A Crown!

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  TRIGGER WARNING!!!  ABUSE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and everything ANTI-GOD!!! Seriously.  FOR THE LOVE!!!!!!!  Oh, also, this post is pretty long.  Fair warning.  I couldn’t not put any of these quotes in.  Because holy hell.  You need to read this.   “The gospel informed woman, the younger women are to love their husbands.  They are to value marriage, they are to …

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True Womanhood – Compassionless Christianity

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  {I apologize for the length of this, the length of the quotes. But I want people to know what’s in this study, and how pervasive the uncompassionate attitude is. I think if people are going to attend this study, or churches are going to promote it, they should know what they are promoting, because the content in this week’s …

True Womanhood – June Cleaver as Jesus

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“The fundamental premise of feminism is that women need and can trust no other authority than our own personal truth.” Creating a culture of idolatry was probably not anyone’s goal, but I think in the desire to make their point, the True Woman movement has done so.  They tell us the idol of June Cleaver will protect us from the …

Music Monday – Jesus Is Not A Bridge

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When I’m singing on Sunday mornings, I usually notice a line or two in the songs we sing that I don’t like. So on most Mondays, I’m going to dissect what the theology in music is teaching us.  This might not be every week; I don’t want to be looking for things I don’t like just to have a post.  …