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Did I Think About Staying?

In Church by Caris Adel13 Comments

give me the heart of an archeologist, that I may dig until I prove that I exist. a subterranean cathedral in my midst, where echoes come to rest. where echoes come to rest. is this where echoes come to rest? -Sleeping At Last   A year ago I said leaving Evangelicalism probably wasn’t the answer for me.  I thought there …

A Vocation of Obedience (A Guest Post)

In Spirituality by Caris Adel2 Comments

I’m so excited to have D.L. Mayfield sharing her story here today.  She is another one of those people who impresses me with her commitment to live out what she believes.  Her willingness to follow God where he calls makes me look more closely at my own life.   I have held many things in my hands, and I have …

What Does Christian Vocation Look Like?

In Spirituality by Caris Adel1 Comment

  “Therefore, restoring identity and recovering vocation must be the focus of a biblical understanding of human transformation.” (WWP) If our vocation is to be working for the kingdom by loving God and loving others, what exactly does that look like?  What does it mean to love something, someone? What does it mean to love God?  Is it simply reading …