When White Christians Support Good Cops

In Church, History by Caris Adel

How do you deal with the willfully ignorant? With those people who have good intentions, who believe that those who disagree just don’t know their hearts? Do we defriend them? Refuse to go to church with them? Exclude them? Be thankful that at least we’re not like them? Why does it matter? Why do I care so much that nice, …

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Solidarity and Poverty

In History, Society/Culture by Caris Adel5 Comments

  This is a question I’ve been sitting with for awhile now. And I read this article earlier today that made me think some things.   I was born in 1981, so I’m just barely a millennial, and my daughter was born in 2001, so she’s just barely not a millennial. I find it fascinating that she was taking hundreds …

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Deconstructing Christian Whiteness

In Church by Caris Adel4 Comments

A toddler builds a tower out of blocks. He knocks it down and starts again, examining the blocks as he builds. He examines the colors, shapes, sizes, as he builds his creation. How often do we kick down the towers we’ve built and look at the pieces? Black voices surrounded me, singing words like ‘sing a song full of the …

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Food as a Tool of Control

In Church by Caris Adel2 Comments

Buffalo was the Native Americans’ main food source. So….I wonder what the empire of the United States did (and continues to do). “One Congressman, James Throckmorton of Texas, believed that ‘it would be a great step forward in the civilization of the Indians and the preservation of peace on the border if there was not a buffalo in existence.’ Soon, …

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Where White People Should Start

In Church by Caris Adel19 Comments

184 shares.  4 thousand likes.  And dear Jesus, the comments. I read this last night at midnight and got fired up.  This is not where white people should start.  White people do not start by having black people explain their lives.  White people do not make black people be their teachers.  White people should not be depending on black people …