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I’m A Feminist, But My Husband Isn’t (And Might Never Be)

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    We have had many, many (heated) conversations in our house about feminism over the past couple of years.  I’m happy to be letting my husband share his side here today, and I like that he has honed in on what is his essential disagreement with being called a feminist.  I think he makes some really great points here, …

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True Womanhood – Tension, Cracks, and a Concrete Faith

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  “Gender displays God…..Who we are and how we relate as women and men is an object lesson.” “Being created for someone indicates that God created the female to be a highly relational creature.  Her identity isn’t based on work nearly as much as on how well she connects in her relationships….We need to keep in mind, what is it …

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True Womanhood – Get Abused, Win A Crown!

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  TRIGGER WARNING!!!  ABUSE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and everything ANTI-GOD!!! Seriously.  FOR THE LOVE!!!!!!!  Oh, also, this post is pretty long.  Fair warning.  I couldn’t not put any of these quotes in.  Because holy hell.  You need to read this.   “The gospel informed woman, the younger women are to love their husbands.  They are to value marriage, they are to …

A Letter to My Daughter, On Marriage

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Dear A~ How can I give you advice on finding a husband, when how I found mine was exactly what the christian dating books say will happen, but with which I completely disagree? I’m aware that the beginning of our story sounds crazy, as if I imagined it.  God picked out my husband and told me we would get married the …

Leaving the Tradition of Inequality Behind

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Yesterday I talked about needing better options for marriage. Today’s post is about equality being our option.   I grew up with a domineering, sometimes emotionally abusive mother, and a mild-mannered dad who just wanted to keep the peace. I can’t write about my marriage without talking about my parent’s marriage.  I wish I could pretend all the yelling and …

Better Options for Marriage

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The women pipe up, somewhat embarrassed, somewhat joking, about how they all have trouble submitting to their husbands. ‘I know I should, but I just don’t want to.’ ‘I’m not very good at it.’ Are these our only options as married Christian women?  To be obedient servants, or fight guilt and shame for not being one?  How do either of …