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Solidarity and Poverty

In History, Society/Culture by Caris Adel5 Comments

  This is a question I’ve been sitting with for awhile now. And I read this article earlier today that made me think some things.   I was born in 1981, so I’m just barely a millennial, and my daughter was born in 2001, so she’s just barely not a millennial. I find it fascinating that she was taking hundreds …

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Food as a Tool of Control

In Church by Caris Adel2 Comments

Buffalo was the Native Americans’ main food source. So….I wonder what the empire of the United States did (and continues to do). “One Congressman, James Throckmorton of Texas, believed that ‘it would be a great step forward in the civilization of the Indians and the preservation of peace on the border if there was not a buffalo in existence.’ Soon, …

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God Has A Plan, and Other Useless Advice

In Spirituality by Caris Adel29 Comments

  He interviewed for a job today.  An interview we thought about turning down.  Because the salary turned out to be much lower than the advertised amount. But how do you turn down what you need?  So we crunched the numbers, and surprise, surprise, realized we could live on less than we thought.  We could settle for this if an …

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How Do We Become People Who Love?

In Spirituality by Caris Adel3 Comments

  It’s one thing to say ‘we need to steward well.’  It’s another thing to do it, and to do it naturally.  How do we become people who are wise givers, who love well?  How can we counter the consumptive ways that are always working to shape us into consumptive people? How can we give in a formative way?  If …

Stewarding Our Love

In Spirituality by Caris Adel5 Comments

  A social imaginary, as described in Desiring the Kingdom, is the myths and narratives, stories and understandings we tell ourselves that form how we view the world. A prevalent one that we have in our culture is ‘I deserve what I have because I worked hard for this.”  “I have found that the poorer people are, the harder they …