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One Word 2014

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Darkness. I’m not sure exactly why.  It actually came about in a slightly prophetic way, which freaks me out, because I am just so burnt out on that kind of stuff.  Someone had a word, and it resonated. And then I got an anonymous postcard in the mail that completely fits me. So…darkness it is.  The darkness of life, the …

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Year in Review: 2013

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This year has been one of exploring, and facing down fears, and claiming my truths. As I was looking back over the year, I was going to mention the couple of months that were really hard, and then realized those months were Febuary-October. Sooo…… most of the year was really hard and stressful. These last couple of months have been …

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Bold: One Word Update (January)

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  Being bold is dangerous and vulnerable.  It’s intimidating to know that you’re choosing to walk down that path.  The one that is lined with rocks, thorns, and glass.  It actually does hurt.  Not cool Robert Frost.  Not cool Jesus.  Not cool. Being honest and unashamed of that honesty feels like walking up to the burning bush, and instead of …

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One Word 365

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  I’ve been pretty open about my name being a pseudonym. As I think about 2013 and picking my one word, I wondered. Can I somehow learn to merge my deep, idealistic thoughts and wonderings with my daily-interacting-with-real-people life? Let’s Connect!