Seeking Wholeness

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What does wholeness look like for me? I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, thanks to the #WholeMama project, but really, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple of months. I go through cycles of deep engagement and then withdrawal. I come up with great ideas and then don’t follow through. I’m passionate about social justice, but …

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Day 27 – Flinching At Life

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Art by messycanvas  bumped from the archives   I jump when they say, “Boo!” Why does my heart race and I feel alarm even when laughter has covered their faces, and I feel no shame in having been gotten? This fear, where does it come from?  ***** It comes from sitting on the toilet and having the door burst open.  …

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Day 9 – Introducing Structural Racism to Kids

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White people don’t do this. We protect our kids. We move into HOAs and put our kids into tons of activities. We shield them from the stove, from tools, from death – from anything that might hurt or upset them. And here I am with a book and m&ms, getting ready to shake their world. Am I doing the right …

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The Privilege of School Choice

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  I don’t talk much about the fact that we educate our kids at home for lots of reasons, but one of them is I’m very aware that it’s a privilege.  Choosing to use that privilege, especially now that we’re in a new community where the choice takes on greater socio-economic implications, makes me uncomfortable. So I don’t want to …

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Incarnation – It Means Something!

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  Conservative Christianity has not taught me to be a healthy person, and it has not taught me how to raise healthy children. The view I was raised with, the advice I keep seeing handed out, the wisdom I listened to for 90 minutes this morning, basically assumes everything needed for life – even for parenting and marriage – is …

A Letter to My Daughter, On Marriage

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Dear A~ How can I give you advice on finding a husband, when how I found mine was exactly what the christian dating books say will happen, but with which I completely disagree? I’m aware that the beginning of our story sounds crazy, as if I imagined it.  God picked out my husband and told me we would get married the …