An Integrated Life – City Schools, Suburb Schools

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If you look at the school ratings and reputations in your area, is there a correlation between city and suburb? How might people begin to address the desire to get a good education with integration and the socio-economic issues that white society has created? Are there any local issues about education you could get involved in?   “Like, we were …

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Day 16 – World Food Day

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    The needs of the world are too great, the suffering and pain too extensive, the lures of the world too seductive for us to begin to change the world, unless we are changed, unless conversion of life and morals becomes our pattern.” – William Willimon   “{Cooking} connects us to nature: you’re working with nature and transforming nature …

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Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

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  “Prosperity breeds amnesia.” You don’t need enough money to be ‘rich’ in order to be prosperous – just enough to pay the bills and then some.  Just enough to insulate you from the reality of life for the most. ‘Having enough’ as we think of it means you can pay to cover the miles between you and government housing.  …

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True Womanhood – Oppressing Women since Creation

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  3 years ago, I saw Andy Crouch, Skye Jethani, and Bethany Hoang, among others, talk in Chicago.  It was part of the Lausanne Movement, an important part of evangelicalism, and justice was on the docket.  I listened to a very pregnant Hoang talk about justice and the church and her work with IJM. Lately, I’ve been listening to different …

Fasting….a Capitalistic Venture?

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Are we forming our kids in the way of capitalism and consumerism, or are we forming them in the sacrificial, hard but worth doing, work of following Jesus? So much of what we believe and how we act as adults has its roots in how we were formed in childhood.  So when we get the chance to participate in an …

A Vocation of Obedience (A Guest Post)

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I’m so excited to have D.L. Mayfield sharing her story here today.  She is another one of those people who impresses me with her commitment to live out what she believes.  Her willingness to follow God where he calls makes me look more closely at my own life.   I have held many things in my hands, and I have …