Flinging Sparks at the Darkness

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The way we move in the world is so often largely invisible to ourselves. We are unaware that what we take for granted could be so foreign to someone else. “How have you never heard of this show?”, “How have you never eaten this food?”, “What do you mean; mayonnaise is a white people thing?”. It can be fun, and …

For the Love of Humanity

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  We have some polls that are not changing and are simply baffling to understand. The group most committed to Donald Trump is white evangelicals. In spite of his hatred for brown and black people, his sexism, his despisement of immigrants, his mocking of the disabled, his sexual predatory behavior, his human trafficking accusations, and rape trial; in spite of …

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The Formation of Whiteness

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  Looking back, it was the little things that shaped me. The memories that stare me in the face, asking ‘Why do you still think of me? What can I possibly mean to you?’ It was one decision. One moment in a million moments of parenting, and yet it’s one I remember, albeit somewhat vaguely. But the impression it left …

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Trouble I’ve Seen – Interview with Drew Hart

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I’m so excited to share this discussion I had with Drew. His book, Trouble I’ve Seen is your must-read for the year. And, the Englewood Review of Books just selected it as their March Book of the Month, so be sure to follow along with that discussion this month. ***** You mention a few examples of talking to people who …

When White Christians Support Good Cops

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How do you deal with the willfully ignorant? With those people who have good intentions, who believe that those who disagree just don’t know their hearts? Do we defriend them? Refuse to go to church with them? Exclude them? Be thankful that at least we’re not like them? Why does it matter? Why do I care so much that nice, …