Pilgrims – God’s Provision at the Expense of Other People

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“Thanksgiving was the third and most exalted of Plymouth’s trinity, holier even than the Mayflower and the Rock.  It carried the story of America’s founding out of Plymouth and into millions of homes, renewing memory of the Pilgrims each autumn over turkey, sweet potato, and pumpkin pie. The only people who might be surprised by this would be the Pilgrims …

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Day 27 – Flinching At Life

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Art by messycanvas  bumped from the archives   I jump when they say, “Boo!” Why does my heart race and I feel alarm even when laughter has covered their faces, and I feel no shame in having been gotten? This fear, where does it come from?  ***** It comes from sitting on the toilet and having the door burst open.  …

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White People, White Power, White Platform

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The great thing about social media is that, if you want, you can get to know lots of different people.  The not so always great thing is that it’s a very public venue. Which means that sometimes we get to put what we write about into public practice.  Naming.  Dismantling.  Getting at the core of an issue. The core of …

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The Privilege of School Choice

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  I don’t talk much about the fact that we educate our kids at home for lots of reasons, but one of them is I’m very aware that it’s a privilege.  Choosing to use that privilege, especially now that we’re in a new community where the choice takes on greater socio-economic implications, makes me uncomfortable. So I don’t want to …

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Emotional Pacifism – Laying Down My Weapons

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“My kingdom is not from this world.  If my kingdom were from this world, my followers would be fighting…” I read this verse in John during Holy Week and realized I fight for Jesus.  I need to lay down my weapons.  I need to stop fighting for him.  Need to stop fighting for what people think of him, fighting for …

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A Tender Thaw

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  I’m guest posting for my friend Kelly today on coming alive and how painful it can be.  Here’s a little snippet (and also why I bawled through Frozen).   Be honest.  Be vulnerable.  It’s home group, small group, community group, so it’s safe here.  This is how you build strong friendships.  Real community, the growth of the church, depends …