A Vocation of Obedience (A Guest Post)

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I’m so excited to have D.L. Mayfield sharing her story here today.  She is another one of those people who impresses me with her commitment to live out what she believes.  Her willingness to follow God where he calls makes me look more closely at my own life.   I have held many things in my hands, and I have …

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Living In Transit (A Guest Post)

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  This is a guest post from Kelley Nikondeha, one of the most fascinating people I’ve met.  The way she reads the Bible and talks about it widens my viewpoint every time, and her bicultural life is one I can’t even imagine.  I’m so excited that she’s here sharing her thoughts on how she lives her life.   I am a …

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Serving Outside of Our Gifts (A Guest Post)

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 I’m so excited to have J. R. Goudeau posting here today.  Thanks to the world of social media, she has become a friend and an inspiring teacher.  The way she sacrifices her life for others has challenged me, and so I asked her to share some thoughts about how her life has become shaped in the way that it has.     “But …

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How Do We Become People Who Love?

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  It’s one thing to say ‘we need to steward well.’  It’s another thing to do it, and to do it naturally.  How do we become people who are wise givers, who love well?  How can we counter the consumptive ways that are always working to shape us into consumptive people? How can we give in a formative way?  If …

Pursuing Vocation Alone?

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  I don’t know what it really means to pursue vocation. To love others.  I can read and theorize and have my ideals.  But when the rubber hits the road, and you make a move that seeks honesty and flourishing in a place that seems opposed to that, and you just crash and burn, what do you do?  When you …

Stewarding Our Love

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  A social imaginary, as described in Desiring the Kingdom, is the myths and narratives, stories and understandings we tell ourselves that form how we view the world. A prevalent one that we have in our culture is ‘I deserve what I have because I worked hard for this.”  “I have found that the poorer people are, the harder they …

How Does Vocation Impact Our Places of Work?

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  What makes a business ‘Christian’?  Is it merely slapping a Jesus label on it?  ‘A place where Christ is modeled, not preached’?  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to be doing all the time, anyway? Or is it a business that tries to align itself with kingdom values, even if the name Jesus isn’t front and center?  But what separates …