True Womanhood – Death to Certainty

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  • Anne Bogel

    It’s the certainty that drives me crazy. (Is it an NF thing that makes us crazier than others, do you think? I’ve wondered about that.)

    • http://www.carisadel.com/ Caris Adel

      Huh. I’ve never thought about that. You could be right. Especially since my husband is the opposite and he loves the certainty, lol.

  • Amanda Russo Wares

    “But you know what? The Bible isn’t my idol. The goal of my life is not to live “so that the Word of God may not be reviled,” or that “so in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our savior.” The goal of my life is not doctrine, especially at the expense of people. The goal of my life is Jesus.”

    YES, *exactly*!!!! But try saying that in an institutional “church” and see where it gets ya?

    • http://www.carisadel.com/ Caris Adel

      you commenting makes me so happy :D Ha……..I kind of have said it, not in so many words, and it didn’t go so well. Partly inspiring this series :P

  • http://bethmorey.blogspot.com/ Beth

    Amen! Amen!! I love this so much, Caris.

  • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

    BOOM. You ask so many pointed, necessary questions, Caris. Well done. Thank you for being real with us.

    • http://www.carisadel.com/ Caris Adel

      thanks. I’m hoping I’m going to get something out of this. It’s kind of painful to work through, once I try and look at it without the ‘I’m just mad you won’t listen to me’ lens.

  • MorganGuyton

    “Do we want to be right, or do we want people to be whole?” Jesus saves us from the need to be right. That’s what justification by faith means. People who need to be right are providing their own justification.

    • http://www.carisadel.com/ Caris Adel

      oooooooooh. You’re right. I’m going to remember that one.

  • kim

    You have done a good job here. I am with you. ( And as an INFJ as well, I too am made particularly crazy by this. ) I believe many others sense this also. But it can be difficult to determine the source of so many “ideasl” pressed upon us. They are at times slippery, even slimey. Keep on asking hard questions, saying aloud what few dare to, yet.

  • http://www.jesusrockstar.tumblr.com/ Bethany Grace Paget

    Yeah. You nailed it. I really dig you!

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